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A group of single, divorced, or widowed Catholics gather monthly to celebrate Mass and meet one another.  A small group provides meals at a shelter or works on a Habitat for Humanity house.  The music is loud and the dancing is plentiful at a fundraiser for Catholic Social Ministries.  Whether hiking, picnicking, dancing, serving or praying, the Catholic Single/Single Again ministry helps gather people together who have a common bond – singleness.

Eight years ago, a small group of divorced Catholics approached Sr. Anne Heath and Terry Jackson for their help.  As a result a group was formed to help each other face the challenges of being single and single again in the Catholic Church.  The initial group of 12 people – 6 men and 6 women, met and organized.  They were divorced, widowed or single persons over the age of 35 desiring a safe atmosphere to meet other people and form friendships.  The Mission Statement of the group reads, “We are a group of single or single-again adults brought together through common interest as we pray, work and play together.  We share Christian beliefs and values as we minister to each other and the community around us.” 

In prayer the group desired to center their ministry on the Eucharist. The first Mass celebrated with this group was in January 1995 at St. Andrew’s Chapel in Apex. The Dominican Fathers Michael Burke and Jude Siciliano were recruited and have provided spiritual direction and service ever since. These dedicated priests have provided counseling, Mass, retreats, and days of reflection. The Mass, commonly referred to as the “Singles Mass” is held once a month and is now located in the Cardinal Gibbons High School chapel on Edwards Mill Road in Raleigh. The social after each Mass includes pizza, fellowship and an opportunity to sign up for future activities.  These activities include opportunities for social, spiritual, and service experiences. A quarterly newsletter helps to keep people up to date on the Mass schedule and activities. An attempt is made to have parish representatives place ads in their bulletin to let parishioners know of the group.  In addition a website is available “singlesingleagain.com” with current information.  A member of the group acts a Webmaster to keep others informed of the latest activities. Each October a Sock Hop is hosted as a fundraiser for Catholic Social Ministries. Each December a holiday party is held which includes the collection of gifts for several needy families. All are welcome to join us in prayer, service and social life regardless of their religion.

The Single/Single Again ministry also hosts Turning Point, a non-denominational group support program for newly separated or divorced persons.  This eight-week course is offered several times a year in various locations throughout the triangle.  A long-term goal is to have persons trained to host the program in different locations throughout the Diocese. 

The highlight of each year has been the annual retreat at Trinity Center in Salter Path. This retreat provides socialization and spiritual renewal at a unique beach setting.  People from all over the Diocese, for example, Wilmington, Rocky Mount, Fayetteville, New Bern Winston-Salem, and the triangle, usually attend the retreats.

Guided by the Holy Spirit, this ministry has grown from the idea in the minds of 4 people to a ministry that is vibrant and supportive of single people as active members of the Church. Catholic members are encouraged to become active in their parishes advocating for sensitivity to and recognition of the needs of divorced, separated, widowed and single Catholics.  The ministry has provided an outreach to those who have felt estranged from their religion and faith life.  It has provided a safe spiritual home for all who find their way to our door.

To be in the e-mailing list of Single/Single Again, please sign in the ssagain Yahoo Group do the following:

a) Make sure you already logged on to your e-mail system as the e-mail i.d. you wish to communicate for S/SA activities (i.e. many of us have multiple e-mail i.d.'s).

b) Just send an e-mail message to: ssagain-subscribe@yahoogroups.com                                               -then-                                                                                                                                                         When is comes back (a few minutes later) with a message like:                                                            "We have received your request to join the "ssagain" group hosted by Yahoo!.....                        REPLY to this e-mail by clicking "Reply"...                                                                                                all you need to do is "Reply" with no text message and it will re-confirm that you are a real "person"                                                                                                                                                        and that you intend to join this Group.                                                                                                        A few minutes later.... Voila.... you're a member of this Group!